Stockton, California has it all: rampant crime, rising unemployment, record foreclosures, AND an open seat on their beleaguered City Council.

“Vacant Seat” follows a colorful cast of Stocktonians as they vie for the unenviable job of improving one of America’s most struggling cities. Detropia meets Spellbound, the film is a personal, funny and poignant documentary look at life and local government in a bankrupt city.

An optimistic high school teacher, a self-made entrepreneur, a former City Hall intern, and an eccentric council mainstay all think they’re the right person to fix their beloved hometown. Who will fill the vacant seat?


vacantseatmovie.com — A documentary about life and local government in a bankrupt city. Produced as my graduate thesis at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Documentary  |  UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism  |  2013